I've been asking a ton of questions on tripadvisor forum, but I'd like some more input from the local surf community.

- I'm east coast novice surfer. Been out about 15 times over 10 years but still riding whitewater mostly and missing more waves than I catch, so I'm not bothering with paddling out into Trestles or a sketchy reef breaks. Where are some good beginner breaks to check out where there is space to share with others whom aren't crowding a lineup at a point?

Also with my family coming, looking for some advice on where to stay. Been looking at some oceanfront condo rentals up in Oceanside that we can afford and also some places in Pacific Beach area but those are many blocks from beach.

Oceanside seems more quiet and less congested and noisy. However some on this board called it "trashy". Is that poor ocean water, or just a sketchy community/low income?

Ocean/Mission area seems rowdy, party crowd area, but many families/vacationers tend to get geared to this area. Looking at all the rental properties, it seems like a shantytown where everyone is on top of each other and its very busy and congested. I'm not sure we'd enjoy that sort of community as a family getaway. Lets just say even though we live in MD, we prefer to drive the exta couple hours to go to OBX, NC vs. OCMD/Deleware or Jersey shores, just because of the peace and tranquility down in OBX (and better surfbreaks for me to flounder around in without being in the way of others).

We want to visit and check out many of the coastal areas of So Cal but we need a peaceful place to stay. Is Oceanside a better option to stay than Pacific/Mission/Ocean Beaches?

La Jolla looks beatiful but seems really ritzy and expensive to stay.