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    zach619 and zaGaffer are right, PB OB and MB are good for beginners, especially PB. In the summer though, it's madness...not exactly "uncrowded" or "family oriented".

    Johnnydon'tsurf has a great recommendation for San Elijo/Cardiff. Very mellow breaks with mellow crews for the most part, and not as crowded as the City breaks.

    My personal recommendation would be any of the North County areas, particularly between Cardiff and Carlsbad. Plenty of glassy and uncrowded breaks, away from the hassle and urban "ick" of PB MB and OB. Leucadia and Carlsbad have tons of uncrowded glassy consistent surf...just find a decent place to park and walk down the stairs.

    I would definitely bring a 3/2 for late June. A short sleeve spring suit would probably work too. You won't be trunking it unless there's a heat wave. "June Gloom" usually burns off by 11am-noon, but gives way to daily NW onshore winds of 10-15 knots.

    BTW: I was born and raised in SD, lived there for 30 years, and surfed it for 15 of those years. I still make annual trips there. I've traveled the entire coast there, as well as Tijuana to Cabo. I have also surfed OCMD and OBX as well.
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