Keeping your budget and time in mind: Insanity. 40-60 minutes a day and $40-50 from a quitter on craigslist. All you need for insanity is motivation and some cold water; no equipment. People spending $200+ a month on a crossfit membership are just fawking stupid. I've never done it, but I would put insanity (and myself) up against any crossfit workout.
I'm currently doing a mix of P90x (1-2/week), Insanity (1-3/week) and Running (3-10 mile runs, 1-3/week). When theres surf, I surf. If I know its going to be big, I take the day before off.
Also stay active with other things: hiking, mtn biking, indoor rockclimbing, cutting firewood, etc, but I don't count it into my workout routine.
As others have mentioned, I've been a member at a gym in the past (5 years after college). I would lift - bench, curls, pull-ups, etc and then do some cardio. Once I started Insanity, I realized that I was just going through the motions at the gym and only seeing incremental improvements.
Also, eating right. I don't necessarily believe in the 80% what you eat / 20% exercise, but its at least 60/40. If you are working your ass off, eat as much as your body tells you to eat, but make sure its good food.