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    Only two possibilities exist...

    1. Kelly Slater sold his soul to the Devil at an early age.

    2. Kelly Slater is an Alien life form, taking an extended surf trip on our little space rock.

    Watch the semi-final vs. Mick Fanning in today's Quik Pro at Kirra. It's all the proof you need...
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    i hear you,that was classic

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    link wont work

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    Try it now!

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    Holy S*@T! If you're not watching the Quik Pro FINAL right now, you're missing an all-time shootout!

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    Wow, just saw the heat scores, and looked like a good one. Judges must've been torn and couldn't decide whether they were going to push Quik poster boy KS or Aussie Homeboy Parko through.

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    Yeah, some of Kellys scores are head scratchers, but when you are that good, you get the benefit of the doubt from the judges.

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    this link should work, it's a replay of the final heat --->

    Kelly's 9.83...unf*ckin' real! That hack was otherworldly, i agree.
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