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  1. New YouTube Channel for Juno Pier

    Hi – I’m a technology entrepreneur that has had a passion all my life for surfing, but almost broke my neck four years ago (this month actually), and “shouldn’t” ever surf again to be safe…

    I have started a channel on YouTube – to promote local surfers at no charge. I don’t need the money, and it’s my way of giving back to the surfing community as a whole.

    I hope everyone finds this channel and enjoys watching their day in the surf…

    I filmed a bit yesterday afternoon and edited a video last night – Here is my first film for the channel –

    I will gladly send anyone the source files of their footage if asked – Just eMail

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    The only thing worse than mush. . . is close-out mush. You could also vary your POV.

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    I would take it to be in a spring suit right now

  4. It wasn't the best day, but decent. I only had about 45 min to shoot some video on this one... And, I missed a few good rides because some tourist kept wanting to talk to me... Will change POV as much as possible, but it will still be somewhat limited...

  5. By the way, my purpose in starting this, and for doing future video's isn't to chronicle only the best days... The purpose is to capture friends, locals, and others' time in the water and share it in a somewhat professional manner, so they can enjoy something that otherwise they wouldn't normally see, "their time in the water"...

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    Hey man,

    I surf the Pier quite a bit, sounds cool to me, maybe I'll see you out there sometime!

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    I enjoyed watching this. I felt like I could almost feel the water watching it.

  8. Thanks much... I look fwd to posting many more videos... I have some older, less professional stuff of the Pier and Hurricane Sandy that I'll clean up a bit and post... I've surfed all over and lived in Hawaii, but a near fatal neck injury changed everything for me... I'm just glad I'm 100% for weight training in the gym, and offshore fishing, my new physical passions, but really shouldn't ever surf again, due to the risk.... It's taken me 4 years to come to full grips with that, and it hasn't been easy... But, I told myself, I'd rather have myself 100% minus surfing, than be, omg, in a wheelchair from a 2nd accident...
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    That water looks so beautiful. I wish I was there.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    That water looks so beautiful. I wish I was there.
    Thank you....