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Thread: lost the stoke

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    Haha, thats great.
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    Take all of your surfgear, boardshorts, wetsuits, everything and drive them to a buddy's place like 200 miles away. Drive home without your boards or gear. wait for next epic swell. (could be a while) and see how it feels.

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    the stoke is all that keeps me sane

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    Go do something else and forget about it. Not everybody is meant to do the same thing forever. This happens because whatever surfing was to you has been satisfied and your ready to move on. For me growing up how I did where I did, surfing became an escape that still serves a purpose 30 + years later. People play football in high school, many for the status of being on the team etc. Once the social benefits are gone and so goes the interst. How many 30 year olds do you see playing football? You never know it might come back but it's not worth pushing for it if its not there organically.

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    If ur not settled make a move. I'm from MD and my wife and I moved to Wilmington nc a few years ago. I feel like Wilmington is to surf what the senior tour is to golf. It's renewed my stoke. The waves are mellow 99% of the time and the weather/water is warm. I wore a 3/2 all year and gloves for only a few sessions. There r trade offs but it's been worth it for us so far.

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    lol lol lol lol

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    Surfing on the lake's up here and in N.S., I got a few friends into it and their stoke kinda got me out bed in the morning on days when I would have otherwise passed and missed out.There's a whole crew of younger surfers getting into it up here, which is sorta messed up cause it rarely get's good, but it sure has helped the stoke. And of course having a few new boards doesn't hurt. Also, and I know, I know,, but try SUP'ing in the waves where no one surfs, It's your own little trip and makes small waves fun.

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    god nova scotia must get cold

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    As all things in life are...."it's all mental".

    Personally, it takes some mental fortitude to wake up early on a freezing cold morning to go surf some spitting south swell barrels (like yesterday)...but boy was it worth it!!!!!

    Some things that help:
    -Tell others the day before, that you're going surfing tomorrow morning. If you don't then you'll feel like a lame poser.
    -Pack the car, wax the board the night before.
    -Put your wetsuit on at home...(this one's huge for me)
    -Watch tons of surf porn.

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    i have a few buddies who fell off the bandwagon.some guys will surf good for a few years then get tired of it.for me,i just like being in the water.i dont mind flat days.i lose myself in the water everytime.maybe your tired of crowds.they can be a drag,but with surfing the new fad,every kook wants to come have a take.years ago i could go months without seeing another surfer,and when i finally did meet someone that surfed,we'd talk about shyt like we knew each other forever.then u got as$holes who think they are superior,and u just want to crack them in the skull.slater dropps in on parko,everyone on facebook talks shyt,kelly your a kook,thats the dumbest move ever.people used to talk so much shyt about andy irons,that hes so disrespectful,hes a partyfreak,he has no respect for anyone in the water.then he dies and everyones kissing bruces as$.everybody has their ups and downs.i surf for fun,and i surf alone.i dont have anyone to impress and im not fixed on becoming a pro.some kids try so hard,and when they dont make it,they give up.thats not what surfing is about.maybe one day my son will pick up surfing and maybe he'll make something of it with his life,but i doubt it.theres too many great surfers out nowadays,and guys win through luck.people still talk smack about owen wright,lets not forget he whooped slaters behind at the quik pro in ny