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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckontheGulf View Post
    Does Parko have to stand down when Kelly took off? I don't think he would have made it anyway but it would have been cool to come blasting from behind out of the barrel.
    Yup, as soon as he impacts the scoring potential of the surfer with priority (in this case, Kelly), he's hit with an interference, and with the scores Kelly already had dropped, that would effectively end the heat as Parko wouldn't be able to get the necessary score with the interference penalty.

    Sick picture, sick heat. I wish the judges kept the scores a bit more scaled back in the Kelly-Mick heat in the semis the way they did in the final. Those were some great waves but they left themselves no room at all to go up on subsequent waves. I felt like they scored the initial trade-off between the two too high.

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    You are correct.. I have to check out the video to see what went down. There had to be more to it

    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    Thats interesting....i dont even understand how Brett Simpson broke priority rules in that situation you describe. I thought that the guy WITHOUT priority (Simpson) could still take off on a wave, as long as he was IN NO WAY interfering with the guy who at that point had priority (The other contestant 100 yards away)

    In other words, Simpson could take off on a crap wave and kick out - lose priority - and then still take off on a second wave and get scored - as long as the other surfer (now with priority) didnt go after the second wave.