Hey guys,
I'm looking at making the transition to a shorter board; I've been riding a 7'4" and want something easier to duckdive and more maneuverable. I'm bigger than the average surfer; 6'3" and 192ish and have been trying to decide what size and dimensions of board to look for. I would say I'm probably an advanced beginner and don't want to make too drastic of a jump and go through a long and frustrating relearning process by doing so. I was thinking something around 6'8" with maybe 20 inches width and 2 1/2 or 2 5/8 thick. But I was reading on swaylocks and some guy had these things to say about longer shortboards,

"the 6 6 to 7 foot range boards are no mans land. the only performance surfing you will do on these boards are in heavy powerful barreling waves."

"i see lots of bigger guys and old guys riding big guy type shortboards and mini guns.it doesnt do their surfing any good, because they all surf to far back on the tail due to the length.so your feet, relative to the rocker makes you unable to switch weight forward for rail drive. Its sad watching these guys stalling the board and trying to surf top to bottom and blowing out all the speed."

So that got me wondering and looking for some other thoughts and advice. Do you agree with him or not? Maybe I should look for something 6'6" range with a little more volume and thickness to it? Thoughts are much appreciated.