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Dude, be careful who you listen to on this forum...?!

Wait. Are you saying that just because some of us disagree with your professed, twisted skill of enticing kids to your side with surfboards, candy & who knows what else, that we're steering people in the wrong direction?

No. No 'wayne.' You're working this kid.
Come to you & he gets a free board.
Put up with your brainwashing & proselytizing, he gets a free board.
Problem is....it ain't free.

Not only have you hijacked another thread on this forum, you piece of self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, lying sack, you've shown your true colors by ripping on every person who posts on this forum.

As well, you are, again, tryingto lure young people to you with merchandise. If your gawd is so powerful, if he's the way & the truth, then you would never ever have to entice young people with your sick materialistic goods.

No, wayne. You are the wack job.

And kid, if you're reading this: just remember that many serial killers have the middle name of wayne. I'm not making that up.
WOW and as for enticing kids, I have 7 of my own so lets get the story straight. I keep forgetting that everytime I post , I have to expect this.