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    5'8" AJW Fish - BRAND NEW-$475

    AJW3.JPGAJW2.JPGSick Board. Waxed once and wet for 1 session. No dings, dents, scratches etc... Bought it in a pinch because I was far from home and broke the only board I had with me. I have 2 others exactly the same dims. Need the dough so I figured I sell the board in the best condition.
    5'8 x 19.45 x 2.35... I'm 5'9 160 lbs and it works great... Yellow and Green spray. White Dk tail pad... It's a brand new stick for $475... Perfect for Summer

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    Sorry for all the pics, not to tech savy

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    hmmm does it come with a fin set up?

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    Sure.... I'll throw in PC-5, or a sick new set of True Ames that Proctor uses.

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    I can personally vouch for AJW boards. If I were a shortboarder, I would be all over this. I know Adam from Wilmington, NC back in the day and his boards are sick. He shaped me a 9'4 noserider probably 8 years ago (one of the few longboards he has ever done) and it has held up well over the years with heavy use.

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    bumpity bump

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    Price Bump... $450... Brand new. Prefect codition. Sick board for the upcoming season.

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    Bump for brand new Summer fish