One year we flew into Newark from SJO, which I hate because it takes forever to get out of international and into another concourse. We had 45 min to get thru the airport. After every one boarded, the pilot said we were taking off early. I started to relax because of the extra 15 min. the pilot pulled out and turned the wrong way and had to pull over and wait. 10 min later we were next for take off. the clouds opened up and lightning was striking around the plane. 15 minutes later we were in the air. we musta had a tail wing because we got in on time. I was waiting for my board at the oversized baggage area and watching the minutes tick away when a TSA guy walks up and asked what I was doing. "waiting for my board!". he pointed at a scruffy looking guy staring at the hussies and said he was the guy that's was responsible for getting my board to me. I got the guy to do his job, got my board to the transfer station, and asked the desk jerk if he would call my gate and tell them I'm on my way. "Oh there's nothing they would do to hold the flight." HosePail told me. we jumped into an old fart cart and the nice lady hauled us to our gate, the entire time I was yelling at every delta gate foe them to please call gate such and such to hold da plane. when we got there I thanked the gate keeper for holding it. she said she had 7 calls on it. When we boarded we got massive stink eye from everyone on board. We apologized as we made the walk of shame to our seats. we we about to take off when the sky opened up and lightning was striking around the plane. everyone turned around and scowled at us. I stood up and yell WHAT!!!!. The voice of reason grabbed my arm and calmly told me to sit. thanks honey.