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    Hurricane Sandy improved waves?

    Ive been hearing lately that hurricane sandy made the waves better on the Jersey shore. Ive been told that the storm rearranged the sand bars and changed the break to make it better. Is this true or did i get my hopes up for nothing?

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    You "heard" this in
    It's not fact the opposite is true. Waters have many unknown hazards still exposed. Dangerous conditions along the sea floor.

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    It significantly worsened many good breaks, from what I've encountered. Except for squan, I "heard" it's even better there now.

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    won't the boardwalk act like an artificial reef or something. surely those homes under water would jack a swell up a little. on a related note, NC 12 reconstruction isn't going well. Seems like the sand barricade didn't last a farting spell.

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    Only one way to find out right? Check it out. Things are certainly different. Few spots I surf just cant handle higher tides as there is no sand left and no beach access. Few weeks ago I climbed down a destroyed area pretty sketchy - boulders, metal rebar, glass, debris etc. Waves were good but had a feeling the ocean floor was littered with debris too. Cop came right after I paddled out he didn't look too happy just stared out at me for a few min. Going to be an interesting summer for sure..

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    I dont think thats true, at least not for me. most of the breaks i surf have gotten worse - time for a little exploring i guess...

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    It's true!!!!

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    There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings. I guess ill just see for myself haha

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    anyone who says sandy improved anything is a fool.

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    It has made for better barrels in many places I have seen.

    edit: Oh boy did I miss the sarcasm of this post? Is this one of those things where I was supposed to say everything is worse? I'm getting more and more confused the more I read the thread.