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Thread: Big Close outs

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    I love a good closeout. It means you are going for it. "mayyyybe I can make this one" ... sh*t buffet. Seems like for me it's always a crime of opportunity. If it's really steep and I'm about to get pounded I just dive off and swim to the bottom. If i'm stuck in a bad place I usually step off the back and go into the fetal position, this sucks though because I have come up with a mouth full of surfboard before. Best option is to punch through the back, not much of a learning curve on that one, you either make it through or get tossed over the falls... or try to straighten out and hope to outrun it. As my long time surfing friend always says, "Gotta pay to play!"

    and coleslaw, that's intense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleslaw View Post
    I posted a reply mfitz73 with more details on page 3 can't figure out this internet stuff the picture is of a smaller wave I caught an hour before I hit the sandbar.
    hey man, I read it... that is pretty crazy. I can't believe you went back in. I can understand not leaving good surf on the beach.... thanks for the story. good to hear you can still dance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    I can't believe you went back in!
    Seriously, glad your ok Coleslaw, that's just crazy

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    Jump forward into the face. Try to break through the back and get a breathe of air before you get ragollded over the falls.

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    i always try and punch out the back. that or try to beat the lip to the top and launch myself into orbit

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    Holy crap Dave and Coleslaw, protect your necks and bean bags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post the video called "Second Thoughts" with Timmy Turner. Its about the boat trip to Indo when he made the surfer mag cover shot. ...
    That footage is friggen EPIC. I have a lot of respect for those guys. It should be remembered that they were nowhere f'ng close to any medical facilities. If one of them got hurt, it would have been game over.