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Thread: Hayden Shapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by live4truth View Post
    The foam on my Global is a different quality...seems less dense compared to the marko foam from pure glass. Maybe a 1.5lb eps compared to a 2lb marko eps...Hard to explain without having the two side by side...but it's a noticeable difference in weight.
    Is that good or bad?

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    i would rather have the marko foam ,guess my next hayden will be from pure glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vbbutton View Post
    Is that good or bad?
    Your core is always key in my opinion when it comes to durability. Denser foam will hold up a bit better in the long run. Further...just as a general FYI... I've found some obvious differences between the global and GSI boards. Although, the GSI boards foam is lighter/not as dense, the quad axial glass seemed to be a lighter weight as it was barely noticeable comparatively to my pure glass version--maybe it was a Glassing issue--who knows but it's what I've observed. . However, the GSI's carbon layup looked a lot cleaner...additionally, the finish overall was cleaner.

    If you're looking for a board OTR the GSI boards aren't bad at all. If ur willing to wait and pay a bit more for the shipping (unless ur buying 5+) for a board from the west coast go for it. Personally, my hypto krypton is a GSI and I'm happy with it and would buy OTR again--further, I don't doubt the GSI would hold up given the future flex Glassing...foot wells may be deep, but if its ur go to it'll get beat up regardless. But I don't ride mine everyday...