So, I don't necessarily have the best wet suit, but it works pretty good. Its an old 6'5'4' and I always tell myself I'm going to buy a new suit, but always waste that money on a new board. I have a problem.
But the water up here in New Hampshire is still FRIGID... I mean ice cream headaches like crazy, shrunken sack, cold hands and feet etc. I can max about 2-3 hours on a good day, but when the air is really cold too, its usually 1-2 hours per session.
Recently me and my buddies started using wool socks and sweaters under our suits to help stay warm. Believe it or not, it works amazingly well. I actually have only been wearing wool socks, but my buddy does both. He cut the sleeves and lower waist off the sweater so it doesn't get too bunched up. The wool fills the little gaps between your skin and the suit. It allows less water to sit in your suit and lets your body warm it up faster. Thus keeping you warmer.
Has anyone else tried this little trick? If not, I recommend it. We by no means invented this idea. It has been done for quite some time. I heard it from a particular shop owner up here in NH, and he was totally right. Thanks Mike.