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    I wore wool socks for the first time with my booties and I was able to tell my feet were warmer. Easier to get in and out of the gear too. I now need to get some wool gloves and a sweater and I should be good hahaha.

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    @mrbadexample Warren Zevon Fan? Are you from VB?

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    Makes perfect sense. Prior to the advent of synthetics, wool was the only fabric that retained its insulative properties when wet (fisherman's and ski sweaters). Untreated wool retains its natural lanolins which keeps it from soaking up water (hydrophobic) and allows you body heat to dry the fabric from the inside out, or in this case warm the water trapped next to your skin without absorbing it. Wool was a wicking fabric before anyone really knew what wicking was - they just knew it kept you warm. I don't know if they are still doing it, but I think that patagonia was experimenting with wool layers in some of thier wetsuits. At those prices, Ill try the socks/sweater thing first. As the wwater warms you might try switching down to some of the lighter thinner shirts, socks, and even tights that smartwool and some others make for running or biking. They ain't cheap, but they are less expensive than a new heavyweight suit.

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