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    Wetsuit warranty repair help *Update*

    UPDATE - After calling Xcel a few times about the suit and not getting a call back I finally spoke with a woman named Jenn in the customer service dept. I sent her pictures of the repair and she agreed to send me a brand new suit. Kudos to Xcel for doing the right thing...they didn't even ask for the repaired one back. Just thought you guys might want to know. I love all of my drylock stuff and will continue to use them for their toasty winter gear.

    I recently sent my xcel drylock 4/3 back to xcel to get repaired, as the stitching was loose, or broken and coming apart in several places (arm, back, knees). The suit was only used about 5 times before noticing all of the issues. I got the suit back from xcel today and it looks like they just blotted a bunch of aquaseal over most of the problem areas and missed some other spots altogether. Is this what I should expect from a repair for a $500 wetsuit that is pretty much brand new? I take extremely good care of my wetsuits. I still have a ripcurl ebomb 4/3 that is about 6 years old and the stitching and glue are as good as new. I started using xcel for my winter gear after hearing all the good things about them. My 6/5 infiniti has no issues, and my booties and gloves have been awesome. So is this 4/3 a lemon? I am worried that if this suit has had this many problems pretty much off the rack then it's only going to get worse and fall apart. Should I ask them for a new suit? What has your experience been with warranty repairs? Thanks.
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