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    Tim Notle- Used board advice

    Hey guys and gals I'm brand new to this forum and almost brand new to surfing as well. I've surfed Puerto Rico a couple times during the winter in Rincon on longboards but thats about it, and never when the swells got huge. I'm going to be going up to UNCW this fall and am looking to get a surfboard, a friend of my brother said he would sell me this board, and I am just kind of confused and am looking for some information on it, he says it is 5'6\" but i dont know the other dimensions. What confused me was that it looked like a fish board but it has no swallowtail, so is it a fish or a shortboard? or some kind of hybrid? apparently its pretty thick and wide and buoyant I know its probably gonna be a big learning curve going from a longboard to this and I might get frustrated but I dont really have the budget to get a fun board first and then drop down to something smaller. I'm pretty athletic, a pretty decent wake boarder, and wake surfer haha even though i know its a lot different but we'll see how it goes. So any info would be much appreciated im 5'10 and 165 pounds, would it be a good size for me? Is it a good board for NC waves, and finally, what would be a good price for the board? I'm sorry if i'm missing any information that would help answer my question because again i'm new but thanks for all the help!!surfboard.jpgsurfboard2.jpg

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    yeah he wants 225 for it, is that a good price? Once i find out the dimensions of the thickness and width i'll post that.

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    and too short you think? He said that the extra width and length would make it easier on me than a regular short board but what do you think?

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    Looks like a fun board, for sure. Definitely easier to ride than a chippy shortboard, but 5'6 is pretty short... not for a novice, I'd say.

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    Okay guys so it's 19 3/4 And 2 3/8 thick. Good? bad? Too short for novice or too short just for my weight? He said it's modeld after the Al Merrick pod.

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    Nolte builds for bigger guys. so floatation won't be an issue. I thought a fish was a twin fin swallowtail. I got one that Doyle built. 7'2", wide and thick. A catch all in all size waves. Doyle taught Nolte.

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    Thats a great board for Wilmington waves and like everyone else has said it seems like it will float you just fine. I'd say it will take some getting used too but once you feel comfortable you'll love it for those clean waist-chest days around here. The price seems fair too as long as it is water-tight. I'd still try to talk him down though, always gotta bargain.

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    If you get that board, I'd suggest filing the edge of those 4 little knives on the bottom

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    Alright guys thanks so much for the in depth and helpful replys I appreciate it!

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    I been riding tim nolte boards my whole life. Just got a 6'6, 21 1/8,2 1/2 thick. Great quality boards. can surf any wave from 1 to 10 feet