& i have to say, i am pretty damn stoked on it! i've got a really good feeling about this one...feels so right under my arm & in my hands; i'm sure it's going to feel exceptional under my feet! 6'0"x20 1/4"x2 5/8" "trash picker" as brian wynn calls his take on this type of board. i think this is going to be the "90%" board that i've been looking for...a board i can just grab & ride 90% & it'll suit the conditions.

apologies for the crappy phone pics...tough to get a good shot w/ the way my apartment is laid out. aesthetically, i love the look the red fins give the board. really stands out. it's a very clean, simple design & look.
gonna start off w/ a 6" center & see how that holds, but i'm thinking i'll probably end up running a 6.5" in it, like i've done in most other bonzers i've owned.
so rare for me to pick up a board & there be waves soon after; i may have to just say "to hell w/ it" in regards to the bronchitis i've been battling this week & paddle out regardless!