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Thread: Highway 12

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    Highway 12

    Hey everyone,

    Is highway 12 open? I'm hoping to head down to Hatteras in the near future.


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    i believe it is, but check here: <---best place for up to date news on the goings on in hatteras.

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    after the last storm, 12 was compromised. the sand berm didn't last afarting spell

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    This is the official twitter feed, road is open

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    Good call on those websites. Thanks for the help.

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    Yeah man, 12 is open but the most up-to-date postings for road closures come actually from the Dare County Sheriff's facebook webpage. They have been doing a ton of work down here to get the roads open but every storm with any significant swell at all has washed them right back out. The New inlet bridge and S-turns got it the worst during theses past storms but Buxton's beaches are absolutely gone. If you are planning on heading down, give yourself a little extra time due to the areas they have shut down to one lane for road/dune repair.