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    Question Travel bag advice.

    I see coffin bags and bags that hold 2-3 boards for travel. Wanted to get some feedback about what bags are best to travel with. How much padding, brands, should the bag be a little bigger than the boards or a snug fit etc.?
    Thanks for your nickels worth.

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    It depends, where are you traveling, how many boards do you feel you need, how much is the airline going to charge you, and can you rent boards where you're going? Some airlines charge $75 per board no matter how many bags you're traveling with. A coffin is definitely safer, but some airlines won't accept them or they may charge you up to $300. It can sometimes be cheaper to ship your boards than fly with them. Even if you are only traveling with a single board, a double bag with lots of padding is a good idea. Airlines are a notorious place to pick up some unwanted dings or even flat out holes in your deck or bottom.

    One last thing, if you're coming from the East Coast, you may not want your boards from here in Hawaiian or tropical water, they're not shaped for those conditions. You're better of renting, or buying a new board once you get there.