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    5'6 Fred Rubble for sale. Excellent condition

    Im selling my 5'6,18 1/4,2 1/16 Fred Rubble from Channel Islands. Used only a handful of times. Great board just lookng for something else as i need to thin out my quiver a bit. selling it for $450(OBO)Really great board dont pass this up! Pm me if interested.
    also selling a set of Future WCT Techflex fins for $70(OBO)
    Board and fins on craigslist as well:
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    Are you still selling this board?

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    Yes it is offer still stands

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    I wish I would've read this earlier. I just bought a 5'6" sharp eye.

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    Price dropped to $400(Obo)
    Fins now $50(Obo)

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    you wouldn't happen to still have the fins would you

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    I got the ct sick Andrew!

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    Still for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Irish View Post
    Still for sale?
    yes still for sale will work with you on the price. pm me