The recent thread on Lasiks covered this to a degree. Others, including myself, wear eyeglasses on a full time basis. For me, this wasn't always the case. I used to do a wide range of aquatic sports from SCUBA to windsurfing without the need for glasses/corrective lenses. Not any more. Age takes its toll.
I started surfing last August. Initially it was very uncomfortable going without glasses. But I wasn't ready for Lasiks or even contacts. I doubt that prescription goggles would be practical. I'd likely lose them in my first wipe-out. So I pretty much just accepted this and am grateful that I can see well enough to get out there. One adapts. But at dusk, I must get out of the water. With the diminished sunlight, I can't distinguish the swells. Has anyone successfully used soft contacts (or other, non-Lasiks, vision aids) while surfing?