I need to get away somewhere, wife needs to come too. She doesn't surf. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to stay (specific hotels or condos) that would allow me to grab my board and walk to a decent, consistent break, so I could get a couple sessions in a day without making a big deal about it or dedicating the whole day to surfing?

I did this in Hawaii for my honeymoon. Stayed at Prince Kuhio condos in Kaui which is right across the street from PKs. Was able to do a DP sesh and usually an afternoon sesh every day and still have plenty of time for other activities, of which there were many to choose from. No time spent driving around or hiking to spots. Don't need world class waves, just something waist-head+ high hopefully to have fun on.

Thinking somewhere in Central America this time. Anytime May-July. Doesn't need to be dirt cheap but nothing too fancy needed, ideally less than $1,000 for a week of lodging.

Thoughts / experiences? Thanks...