ok so when I was married I had a couple of good trips wife didnt surf so I had to surf dawn patrol and again after she was entertained she will probably still be a little dissapionted if the waves r pumpin cause you will be amped and do 3 sessions at least a few days but here is a short list of places that she would be ok with and youll still score! in order of her happiness and you scoring
#1 Portugal just go explore around stay in nice B&b's or whatever fairly cheap great waves so much history and touristy things to do while both exploring a new country. Was our best trip together.
#2 Costa Rica if she is into the 3rd world scene some chicks are not does she speak spanish? like to zip line and do some jungle tours whatever.. Will she be comforable sitting on the beach while you surf and have people try to talk to her or will she be scared? This goes for lots of places or will she need to stay a the hotel pool? Then your limited to exploring? Did a 2 week tours in cr but wife spoke spanish and was actuallly a big help. She liked it but didnt love it. She loved Portugal!
#3 Cabo I got great waves we did some partying sunset cruises drove to east cape up to Todos. Lots of Resturants and bars pretty cool trip if she like to party or just lay by a pool..
#4 Barbados sic waves stayed at Soup bowls the whole time so its remote but hooked up with other couples did some snorkeling and Booze cruise. Did the caverns..Malibu rum But really surfed my ass off! She probably will get bored.Its a small island good vibe but id go for a 4-5 day strike not a long 7+days
#5 Puerto Rica beautiful island lots to do and you dawn patrol before wind and crowds then spend the day with her this should be further up the list but I forgot its beens about 6yrs since iv been

So there its is you can successfilly do I wife surf trip gotta know ur wife! how she will react and if the waves r pumping she cant get pissy and bum u out by doing stupid stuff. I am so luv solo trips right now! Get to do whatever you feel like and meet new people and surf your brains out with out worrying so mayb you should do a trip with her a good compromise but assure that you will be allowed togot Cetral America on a solo or guy trip to strictly surf !