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    ok so when I was married I had a couple of good trips wife didnt surf so I had to surf dawn patrol and again after she was entertained she will probably still be a little dissapionted if the waves r pumpin cause you will be amped and do 3 sessions at least a few days but here is a short list of places that she would be ok with and youll still score! in order of her happiness and you scoring
    #1 Portugal just go explore around stay in nice B&b's or whatever fairly cheap great waves so much history and touristy things to do while both exploring a new country. Was our best trip together.
    #2 Costa Rica if she is into the 3rd world scene some chicks are not does she speak spanish? like to zip line and do some jungle tours whatever.. Will she be comforable sitting on the beach while you surf and have people try to talk to her or will she be scared? This goes for lots of places or will she need to stay a the hotel pool? Then your limited to exploring? Did a 2 week tours in cr but wife spoke spanish and was actuallly a big help. She liked it but didnt love it. She loved Portugal!
    #3 Cabo I got great waves we did some partying sunset cruises drove to east cape up to Todos. Lots of Resturants and bars pretty cool trip if she like to party or just lay by a pool..
    #4 Barbados sic waves stayed at Soup bowls the whole time so its remote but hooked up with other couples did some snorkeling and Booze cruise. Did the caverns..Malibu rum But really surfed my ass off! She probably will get bored.Its a small island good vibe but id go for a 4-5 day strike not a long 7+days
    #5 Puerto Rica beautiful island lots to do and you dawn patrol before wind and crowds then spend the day with her this should be further up the list but I forgot its beens about 6yrs since iv been

    So there its is you can successfilly do I wife surf trip gotta know ur wife! how she will react and if the waves r pumping she cant get pissy and bum u out by doing stupid stuff. I am so luv solo trips right now! Get to do whatever you feel like and meet new people and surf your brains out with out worrying so mayb you should do a trip with her a good compromise but assure that you will be allowed togot Cetral America on a solo or guy trip to strictly surf !

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauer View Post
    Bro I agree 100% been having great trips since my divorce 5yrs ago! You only live once but why the F@ck did we get married in the 1st place. ugh... live and learn and the young guys r still gettting married and ruining what would be some awesome yrs of thier lives. I am stoked on being divorced and in my 40's.. I have got great trips ahead of me and life is good!!
    Amen, brother...all of my family and friends keep asking me why I'm not Looks like i made the right decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    Amen, brother...all of my family and friends keep asking me why I'm not Looks like i made the right decision.
    +1, ad infinitum

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    [QUOTE=SJerzSrfr;160021]to the guys that have surfed las flores, what are the crowds like and what time of year you guys go?[/QUOTE

    My last visit to Las Flores was for 1 week in October 2012. We had good weather, smallest swell was about 4ft when we arrived, maxing at about 10-12 ft during our last three days, with several 6-8 days in between (these were the best!). See attached pic.El Salvador Oct 2011 117.jpg

    The main peak at Flores gets a bit busy when the swell gets over 6-8 feet. It's really interesting as guys on the main peak will keep pushing the takeoff spot deeper around the point and into the rocks. This is a GREAT thing, and allows us more "experienced" (i.e. older) to camp out about 75 yards down the line, wait for the inevitable section that'll separate the 1st guy from the wave, leaving you to free to drop in and take the rest (150+yards).

    HOWEVER, if you stay at Las Flores you won't even worry about the Las FLores wave. You'll have two free boat trips per day to Punto Mango. This is pretty much a boat-only location, so if you're unlucky there might be a crowd of 12 guys! If you're lucky... and we usually were, the crowd will only be the guys from your boat and a couple of campers or two.

    The big drawback is that Las Flores is expensive. Wives/girlfriends will love it, but be prepared to drop some coin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJerzSrfr View Post
    to the guys that have surfed las flores, what are the crowds like and what time of year you guys go?
    Edit: HA! typed this before seeing Philo-sophers post at the same time.

    April 16-24 last year. Crowds were a factor at Las Flores when it was firing at mid morning and late afternoon. Maybe 20 surfers, but the vibe was fine. You had to work SOME to get set waves but I'm pretty laid back when i travel, and I got plenty of good ones every session. At the non-peak times it got downright mellow.

    Punta Mango is another wave we hit by taking a 20 minute Panga ride. Racier and barreling, most would say better than Las Flores. There were maybe 8-10 people out and it was firing the entire time. Super fun session. I heard others say that if two-three pangas showed up at once, Mango could get hectic.

    I shot this sitting on my board out on the shoulder at Punta Mango. Pics dont do it justice. Its a dream wave.

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    Is that the older guy with the beard?

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    El Salvador Oct 2011 001.jpg

    Perhaps this pic does Punta Mango a little more justice.

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    Maybe 20 surfers
    There were a few mornings when we counted 40 surfers at Las Flores.

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    descriptions about flores here are spot on. Except about it being expensive. If you want to keep it cheap you have the bare bones cinderblock units right on the point and a few similar ones in that back forested area. These are both SUPER basic but what the hell do you need besides a hammock and a few brews when you are 100ft from one of the best firing righties on this side of the world?

    PS...not wife worthy !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by derickson178 View Post
    I recommend Nosara, Costa Rica. I travel down there regularly with my wife and she is not really into the surfing thing. The area is totally chill and you can you can easily get a DP session and evening session while still spending some quality time with the wife. Lots of other activities besides surfing (yoga, horseback riding, zipline, hanging at pool, etc). Some hotels to check out are Harbor Reef, or Harmony Hotel (little pricey, but cool). If your wife has any interest in surfing, a good instructor is Pureline Surf. Very consistent surf and easy drive from Liberia.
    Thanks for the tip. I'm looking to stay at harbor reef in nosara. Although, I hear that playa guiones ( the beach breaks out front) tend to be softer, longboard beginner waves unless there's real size. Is this true? Anyone have input? I'm an intermediate/advanced surfer. I'm looking for a safe and fun part of costa that has consistent performance waves, as I'd be bringing my girlfriend. Thanks in advance.
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