Looking for some advice on a longboard skate. I have a 42 inch Sector 9 basic cruising model. It's great for getting around town, and has a real smooth ride. In the right situation, I can do small tail slides, but other than that, its not very performance oriented.

I want to get something smaller. Needs a tail flip. I want to maintain the "longboard" style/don't want a traditional skateboard. I also want it to be long enough that I maintain a surfing stance/wide stance. Would like it to be small enough though that I can take it in bowls, do some downhill skating (not for speed), but for slides.

Have been thinking about a Carver, love how it mimics surfing. But not sure how they ride in relation to all the other more generic skating moves.

Any advice or recommendations on board size, wheel/truck dimensions, and whether a Carver limits you in more traditional skating styles, would be very much appreciated.

I am 5'10", and have surfed my entire life (mid-30's), and looking to get more into skating.