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    Carver C7 trucks can't be compared to anything else. If you want to replicate surf style while you skate, there is nothing better. You literally don't need to push, you can just pump in order to keep up speed, they way you would on a surfboard. I have the 34" Greenroom and love it for cruising down the street and hitting some banks for some surf style turns, cutbacks, etc.

    If you want to get into pool/bowl riding, though, the Carver will not be a great choice. In my opinion, a traditional truck style will work way better. I have Indy 149's and some 55mm hard Bones wheels. Big soft wheels are great for cruising around town but on smooth concrete they are much slower than some hard park specific wheels. If you want to learn how to pump full speed around a pool and get up to the coping than you will be better off with a more pool oriented setup.

    You could always get a deck your into, some standard type trucks that fit it well and two sets of wheels. That way you can have big, soft cruisers for the streets and can swap them out when you want to ride a bowl/park.

    I am really into Welcome Skateboards. They have awesome shapes and sizes with a nice, modern concave and nose/tail on them. Plus the graphics are super rad. I skate the 8.8" Chupacabra, check them out here:

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    thanks everyone, all the advice is appreciated