Please lend your thoughts on this problem i ran into this winter. the smallest board i have is a 6'1" Dwart. At 41l volume i cant effectively duck dive it. I'm not sure if it is lack of skill or too much volume. I've tried but its tough and doesnt work for me.

So this winter, when the water was 38F the swell was awesome(for my local) a few times...head high to maybe 1 foot over and decent period.

My problem is with the bigger swell, cold water and no duck dive i got turned away a couple times. it was too cold to take a bunch of waves off the head waiting to make a break for it past the beach break.

So i wonder if i could duck dive the dwart with more effort/practice or should i try to get a smaller board to be able to duck. I'm not good enough to be good, on any thing small and thin like 5'10"x19"x2.25. But i feel like if i could get out easier, then i could and at least try to kook around out there.

im 5'9", 175 and have been surfing three years, but i live close to the beach so get to go a lot.

thanks for any advice