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    Cool Ride Reports? Stretch's Mr./Super Buzz

    Hey All,

    Been eyeing these boards since they came out and interested in seeing anyone on here with a ride report. Read the 'erbb's reviews, etc., but given our differences in conditions, etc. I thought I toss out this questions everyone here...

    Anyone ridden one of these boards...can provide me with a bit of info. (board, your dims, etc.)? Thanks in advance!

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    Have one and absolutely love it.... Had mine for almost a year and its still looks new. I've rode it from thigh high mush to overhead barrels. It loves waist to head high waves, and where you would do 2 turns on a wave your doing three maybe four. It's real fast and just goes where you want it to go. I highly recommend the stretch controller fins because that's the magic set up for me. I'm 220 6 ft and ride a 5'8 21.25 2.75, my everyday shortboard is 6'4' 19.75 2.58. I def could have went shorter but wanted it to grovel and took in consideration wearing winter suits. You can't wrong and go with eps tech it's worth the extra durability.image.jpg

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    Looks like a be honest, I'm partial to that design due with the lower tail rocker, foil, etc. Basically, thinking I'm going to pull the trigger on both and give the design a legitimate year. I love my hayden's, but this design makes sense to me and I really want to try something different. As for the epoxy tech--don't think I'll ever go back to a standard poly board when ordering a custom--maybe XTR, but I want the love handles, bamboo stringer...the Stretch works. In regards to the controllers...I've been looking around for them for a while and can't find them. Even fins unlimited's site doesn't seem to have info on them. Regardless, I too heard that the extra fin area helps with the tail width. I currently have a mini-simmons with a 16" tail...I only use speed dialers in it nothing else has the same I'm looking to get a set of fins from Stretch as well.

    Thanks for the info...I have a few other questions for the ordered worked, wait times, shipping, etc., but will contact you via PM. I appreciate the help!