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    Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

    Going to Santa Teresa this summer, wondering if anybody knows about any good restaurants or just some fun things to do there. And also, how's the surf?

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    surf is pretty fun. the main beach break will close out if it gets much above 8ft, something that is a real possibility depending on the time of year...when in the summer are you going? being a south facing region, it really pulls in swell coming up from the southern hemisphere.
    i was there back in 2005...there are a lot of really cool little restaurants & bars in town as i recall. i'm sure things have changed a lot since then, but it was a neat town. you'll have a good time, for sure.

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    Totally awesome little town with rock reefs north and south and barrelin beach breaks right out front. sun screen and light colored rash guards/tshirts will be your friend. plenty of cool locals and tourists to chill with and surf shops if you dont bring your own board. i stayed at xenedas (i think thats how you spell it) for cheap, like $20 a night, but its bare bones. everything is probably way more built up by now, that was a few years ago. 40's of imperial and "jamaican" were cheap and helped ease the pain at night. bring a mosquito net. no phone service when i was there, but a few internet cafes to report back home. have fun and get shacked.

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    Surf Vista Villas. Good people, good times.

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    It's my favorite place. try Zaneidas Lefts. bring rain gear, skeeter repellant and plenty of rope. the roads will be hazardous between Cobano to MP.

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    There's another old thread on here somewhere about Santa Teresa, see if you can search it. Good place to go in the summer for swell but it is the rainy season. If it maxes out at the beaches in town look north or south to find the reefs because they can get really epic. Montezuma is a cool little town a few miles away where you can hike to a waterfall and swim. You can rent ATV's, charter a fishing trip, go zip-lining, etc. Have fun!

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    santa teresa is nice but I would personally stay in montefuma, rent a car, and surf the whole area. The entire beach from the ferry to the point is nothing but rock reefs and coves. Mal pies is a super fun wave also.

    I probably said this in the last s.t. thread, but, my old man said that the place reminded him of vietnam

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    Just got back from Mal Pais/ST in late February, a lot of fun, glassy every morning - waist to chest at least (everyday), should be bigger in the summer. Lots of room to move. Awesome little bakery in town, bars, places to eat, etc...looking forward to going back. Rented a quad and took out to Cabo Blanco nature reserve for the day...seemed like enough stuff to do as well as surf everyday. Tommyh gave me some great advice on the area, he knows it well.

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    The last time I drove from Mal Pais to Cabuya thru Cabo Blanco, I saw a big black panther. it was in a gully between 2 peaks. I stopped, we made eye contact, and the thing jump straight up 20+ feet. I grabbed my camera and ran to where it was just standing. THEN I thought was a stupid move that was. I could hear its lips smacking prior to me running away screaming like a little school girl. if you get to Cabuya, there's a left hander that peals off a shallow shelf called Cedros. It's usually crowded. there's another break in between Cedros and Cabo on the south side of the bridge. High tide break only! at low tide the whole bottom is exposed and there are monoliths all over there. On the North side there a cool little hostel that was built by a guy named Fransisco. He's the pastor of the nearby church. the walls are slats and made to keep out rain and allow airflow.

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