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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Dude... you may NEVER hit 218. But you ain't gettin' any lighter, either. So I still say that 5'10 is a bad idea.
    Oh yeah... totally. the 5'10" for you is not a reasonable choice just by the sounds of it. But who knows. I would go for the bigger board.

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    I agree I think a Longboard or a fun board is the way to go

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    Be careful man! I started surfing regularly at 17, got hooked, and it has affected every major decision I've made since. But it's still a good thing. I get excited just thinking about the stoke that lies ahead of you.

    (side note I was probably 6'0" 135 when I sprouted late in high school)

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    Lost Plank or just invest in a good longboard. Perhaps bottom feeder?

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    Mak'er a Laker

    Quote Originally Posted by Ethan View Post
    Hey everyone , I have been surfing for about 4 years now but only like once or twice a year. I want to surf Lake Erie so the waves are small. I have never bought a board so I wanted to know what kind I should get. I am 6 ft 2 and 135 lbs. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a board but get one that won't fall apart. I was looking at a used bic fish board that was 5 ft 10 but am not sure if that is to small for me. Help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
    Go LB, not too wide and not too thick as per your dimensions, also make sure it's got enough scoop and rocker for those quick often steep lake waves. I've been surfing Erie since 98', mostly LB's although a lot of the younger/lighter crew (experienced) are on Fish type shapes made for the lakes with more foam. I have met some guys from upstate NY or Penn that come over to the Cdn side, that have been making boards specifically for Lake Erie and they're doing really well with it., just can't remember the name of them..

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    Thanks guy for all the help! It gave me a good idea for what to look for.