so RI got its hands in on the hurricane sandy relief money and proposes an 8 million dollar repair off the cliffwalk. No one doubts the importance of the cliffwalk to newport's economy however the proposed solution seems absurd to me. Maybe some of you can tell me otherwise. Instead of doing all the work on land they propose to cerate 2 jettys out in the lineup (ruining ruggles the break as we know it). There were no other bids considered here for land based work which would be way cheaper. I just walked the cliffwalk last week and the damage is nothing like NJ or NY experienced. Yes we need to pour more conrete and make repairs but 8 million dollars. give me a break. Plus the landowner on the corner of ruggles is in cahoots with the developer (classic RI corruption). He will not let anyone work off his property even for a shirt amount of time so the jetty solution is proposed now. I invite any contractor to walk the cliffwalk with me and tell me it will cost 8 million to do these repairs. It is laughable except is is truly sad to also lose such a beatiful wave as a result. RI kept all this very quiet and apprently this has been pased and is ready to begin operation. defintely moving it this thing goes through. everyone in RI knows eachother and the corrupotion here is all too obvious. I already emailed all the news stations to dig into it on their end. what does everyone think of this?