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    Thumbs up Channel Islands, Wynn, Hayden, and other Surfboards for Sale

    Need to unload these boards (pic below) as I am thinning out my quiver because I added a few and just really haven't been able to ride these others. Need to make room in my house... All boards are in good condition (some better then others) with no open dings, cracks, etc. just your basic pressures. I have a few extras sets of fins as well that I'll post up soon. PM me if you are interested or want more information. Thanks.


    From left to right:

    CI Double Helix Proton 6'2\"x 18 5/8\"x 2 3/8\"--$300
    Wynn Resin-X HP twin 5'11x 19 1/4\"x 2 3/8\"--$200
    Wynn Resin-X Biscuit/gravy (go pro FCS mounts) 5'10\"x 19 3/4\"x 2 1/2\"--$250
    Personal Modern Fish 5'8\"x 19 1/2\"x 2 1/4\"--$170
    Hayden Shred Sled (fiberflex, non-GSI) 5'8\"x 19\"x 2 1/4\"--$300
    Personal Round tail Motorboat 5'8\"x 19 3/4\"x 2 3/8\"--$170

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    PM sent about the hayden

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    PM about motorboat...

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    Wynn twin looks FUN.

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    Where in Jersey are you located?

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    Hey all...I've responded to all PM's. A few people made offers, but nothing definite yet...waiting for follow ups.

    Foamdust--wynn twin was an incredible board (if you or anyone else is interested i'll toss in VTF twin fins with it as well). Loved it on a wave with some push...just been riding quads a lot these days.

    Bump bump!

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    Hayden tentatively sold....up to the top!

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    Nor'easter is coming (hopefully)...better buy my proton rather then be under gunned ;-)


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    i can't pm you because your inbox is full, but i'm also interested in the wynn biscuit/gravy. idk about the fcs mount though how easy are those to remove?

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    Cleaned out the inbox and responded to PMs.

    ND--I had a fcs plug and leash plug dropped in the nose as I didn't like the plastic mount. The plugs are low profile--if you have a drill, hole saw, bore bit and some resin/qcell then they're easy to remove and fill. However, may be more work then you really want to do ...lmk if you want a close up shot. the top!