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    uberpwnage Guest

    ?outer banks on tuesday

    no chance that the two different swell angles would cause any decrease in size right?

    looks to be a steep south wind swell and a medium period groundswell from the ene.

    any input?

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    sometimes the wind swell can kind of crap up the ground swell - this happens more frequently if there is a lot of current. hard to tell sometimes on these mixed swells.

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    surfing near a jetty can help with this setup. just as an example for the DMV- NSIRI will mostly just show the ENE groundswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by South Bethany View Post
    surfing near a jetty can help with this setup..

    nah i feel like surfing near a jetty could screw you over too

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    It was really good this morning until the wind went NNW. Hoping to get back down there when it comes back around. I'll post pictures later this evening.

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    Gallery is up. Nothing special but enough for an idea of how it was today. Hope you enjoy.