So I bought a new SUV for the wife and I have now inherited our 2010 ford focus. I have always just packed my boards into my SUV, but now that I have a car that can only accommodate my short boards I am looking into surf racks. I found some nice surf racks from Thule for under 100 bucks, but it sounds like I will need to purchase a Thule base rak that the surf racks clip onto.

Can anyone give me some advice on solid, cheap surf racks for economy cars. How easy are the installs and what is the over all damage? I can get by with a soft rack, but they damage your paint and if I make runs up to the washout or down to Florida I don't want the soft top flip flopping in the wind on the highway.

I figure there should be quite a few people on swell info that have rack system installed on a non-Suv