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    Jan 2013
    Carolina Beach
    5'10" Eavey Stealth Fish
    6'1" Firewire Alternator
    9'0" hplb
    9'6" Log
    9'6" 1961 Hobie restored to near origional condition - Wall Art.

    Really only ride the Eavey

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    5 is too many. I have 4,

    1. 6-5 twin fin Mini Simmons
    2. 6-8 quad fish
    3. 7-8 hurricane/travel board
    4. 10-2 singlefin noserider (first board, never getting rid of it)

    I'm a big mofo, tough to find boards to fit me, so when I find one I keep it. Also no one wants my customs second hand, too much float for most people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live4truth View Post
    I have 8--I cycle through 5 of them...2 of them will likely cover everything we get on the EC and go to the beach with me about 90% of the time. The rest are specialty boards (step-up, super groveler, special boards I keep on "ice" for the future) or have a sentimental value. I think a solid 3 board quiver should be sufficient for anything the EC could throw at us (groveler, DD, step-up).

    IMHO this is too many...

    See when you have tons of the same boards then you know its time to sell a few, none of these boards are designed for different waves, soooooooooooo I beleive "as being a world traveler" 7-10 boards is a good place to be. I'll post my quiver asap. consists of one shovel nose mini, one quad mini, a low rocker 5 10 short, high rocker, foiled out real hard, a couple step ups, and 3 guns. + the always needy and love my 10' log

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    Dec 2011
    Santa Barbara, CA/CT
    Once again, you can accumulate tons of different styled board soo its really up to you and your style especially

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    I have 3 LBs, one I use 80% of the time.

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    i think, for the most part (& esp. so on the east coast), you've got a solid quiver w/ about 4 boards: a good wave sb, a small wave sb, a longboard of whatever persuasion appeals to you, & a step up for those really good/big days...& a good pair of fins to bodysurf w/
    obviously, depending on location & inclination, you may need a semi-gun or a gun or more grovel-y type boards. i tend to be around 8 or 9 at any one time, plus a pair of fins & a 14' prone paddleboard. i have a basic core quiver of 5 boards: a good wave hpsb, a small wave hpsb, a full-on old skool heavy single fin log, a step up, & a super chunky anti-log small wave board. the other few boards are alternatives...not necessarily alternative shaped, but options i take out as the mood strikes or if i feel that the conditions are uniquely suited to the design. i find that riding the same boards over & over makes me feel stale, so having the option to mix it up is good.

  7. i've got too many boards. 10 or so. 2 of those are wall hangers which have bit the dust from board cancer. but they were my favorite 2 and have no reason to part with them (memories....). another board is supposed to be a wall hanger (yeah i'm that guy) just because the shaper parted ways with the label and i feel it may be worth a chunk of change later on down the road if left in mint condition. all of my friends give me crap about not riding it (i know) but to me that thing is just too pretty to put a ding in. it's a Kane Garden from a few years back, shaped by Stu Kennedy. $700 board, but i bartered it out with the shop owner so no cash changed hands. then i've basically got just one go-to board at the moment... probably need to do something about that in these coming months. the rest are ones that i've got some irrational emotional attachment to, and haven't been able to bring myself to sell them. it's weird, because really and truly they don't mean anything to me. i've just always put it off. justifying it to myself because most of them were bought second-hand.

    technically these boards own me, not the other way around. i've got too much and in turn, i actually feel kind of dumb about it. i don't need all these things, they're just stuff. there's 4 boards right now that i just need to part ways with, and then make my workable quiver somewhere around 3 to 4 good boards.

    liked your question, very enjoyable to read people's posts about this subject.

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    6 8 retro fish- small wave, or mush board
    6' 2 alternator- my "go to" board
    6' 4 boneyard- step up
    9 ft foamie- for ****s and gigs in summertime

    I constantly change my fish, but my firewire is the best board ill ever have. Gonna stick with them for my good wave boards. I would think you only NEED three boards at most- small wave or mushy wave board (lots of float), "go-to" board for good waves (for carves and airs), and a step up for larger surf (a semi-semi-gun).

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    Jan 2009
    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    5'7 Addict Surf Quad Fish
    5'8 Sharp Eye Disco - thruster
    6'1 Plus One Thumb Tail - thruster
    8'4 South Coast Long Board - Thurster
    * The above four get me through pretty much everything on the east coast. I take the Disco out when its good up to 5 or 6 feet, I take the Quad Fish out when its about 1-3 feet and anything in the 1-2 range, I take the long board. Unfortunately, even when Sandy hit and it was about 6 feet, I still took the Disco... Its never gotten big enough here for me to take out the 6'1 really, thats my mini-step up....

    The remainder of my Quiver, that is from San Diego sits in my closet on my balcony... It includes:

    5'10 NA Surf (From New York I think) - 20" wide, swallow tail, thurster fish/shortboard hybrid.
    5'11 Addict potato chip thruster with a round tail.
    6'0 Plus One, glassed on fins - Thruster Squash
    6'0 Plus One, FCS system - Thruster - round tail
    6'2 Addict surf - Thurster - Thumb tail
    6'3 Plus One, round tail Thruster (Step Up board)
    7'1 Hawaiian Mini-Gun - Thruster - (Haven't used in two years. Last winter in CA never got over 10-12 feet really. This was my Big Wednesday board which I average using 1-3 sessions per year)

    Additional Quiver Needs: I want to get a new longboard, somewhere in the 9'0 - 9'6 range. I want FCS/FUTURE system to switch between a single and tri-fin. I also want an SUP... For obvious reasons. .

    Only shortboard I would really want would be another true Fish, but with a thruster setup... Im still not super stoked on the quad fish setup unless the surf is really crap... It doesnt turn on a dime the way my old thruster fish would.

    I lost 3 more boards in my truck fire on my way from San Diego to Hilton Head.... I don't think i have "Too Many" boards, but I certainly don't use most of them... a couple board I haven't used in over 2 years....

    But there are never enough....

    and in response to the picture above, that is Joel Tudor, so he can have upwards of a million boards and its not too many.... He doesn't count... He is a shaper and arguably the best longboarder on earth. At least style wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post response to the picture above, that is Joel Tudor, so he can have upwards of a million boards and its not too many.... He doesn't count... He is a shaper and arguably the best longboarder on earth. At least style wise.
    Agreed. I really dig his color work, and think it's interesting how he likes his channel bottoms to be single fins... which is probably why he likes to have the channels run perfectly parallel to the stringer, rather than toed like rail fins.

    I've never ridden a channel bottomed single.