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    Army corps of engineers heading to NJ

    Here's an article from the Washington Post on an Army Corps of Engineers plan to build up the dunes along the New Jersey Shore. It looks like they'll be scouring the bottom of ocean to get the sand. The article makes no mention of how this will affect the sand bars and surf.

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    There also coming right to your back yard!
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    sucks. first ruggles, now nj. looks like im moving to cali

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    " ...modifications are not in the cards. Policy requires the Corps 'to select the optimal plan, and by that I mean the plan that will reduce the most storm damage for the cost.'"

    And THAT'S what's wrong with the whole process... the whole, "business as usual" mindset and approach, who's foundation is built on what's quick, cheap, and and provides the best short term solution. But the problem is not short term, and the solution is not quick or cheap.

    I actually get angry when I read bullsh!t like this.

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    At this rate there will be no surf spots left eventually in NJ. Completely absurd and easily avoidable. Also, what beach goer wants to take 2 steps into the water and be over their head?(steep beaches caused by destroying sand bars)

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    You'd be suprised how much could be done to modify the army corps behavior if special interest groups(in this case the surfing community) protest and speak out against this. This is how democracy works. You have to protest/join surf chapters ect.
    It's so easy to NOT destroy and surf break and still replenish the beach.

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    dear shark-hunter, i don't wanna be snarky... but i gotta say i'm surprised that you think we'd be surprised how much can be done to modify the army corps of engineers' behavior. imho, there is absolutely nothing we can do. they, and every other government agency, will do exactly what they want to do, based on rules that rarely have anything to do with surfer stakeholders. the only thing that could theoretically help was engaging an empathetic lawmaker. but when they're not kissing babies, they're snatching their lollipops from them. i can't think of one nj lawmaker that gives a darn about surfers. they do pay a lot of attention to wealthy homeowners and their desire to a) preserve their expensive beachfront properties and b) keep folks like us off their beachfronts. ergo, the army corps of engineers will do exactly the opposite of what we surfers want, and will do what the wealthy homeowners want, which has nothing to do with swimming, but a lot to do with vain snapshots of their handful of midsummer dinner parties with their rich friends. sorry, but this is nj, not orange county rohrabacher country. we're SOL (**** outta luck here in NJ).

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    Artificial reefs are more efficient, less expensive, and create better waves and cleaner water...has anyone ever heard a good rebuttal for this idea? because i haven't.

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    surfriders is a joke. i was at a conference here on Long Island not more than a month ago. Major players from the organization were here, and for the most part they are resigned to the fact that the ACOE is going to do what they want. I guess it starts with the local chapter but thats an even bigger problem here. They have to many interests that lay outside the interests of whats good, natural and right. This is a big deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by staystoked View Post
    Artificial reefs are more efficient, less expensive, and create better waves and cleaner water...has anyone ever heard a good rebuttal for this idea? because i haven't.
    I love sand breaks. Their so much fun. Not that I'm against reefs or anything(actually enjoy them too!), but sand breaks have a special quality to them. They'll turn an 8 second period swell into a hollow wave. Reefs won't unless their dangerously shallow. Sand breaks with a good sandbar can create awesome waves. And sand is always more fun to crash into then reef/rocks haha Create one or two surf reefs a block or two long, along the jersey coastline and then stop destroying the good sang breaks and replenish the beach without dregding and destroying a sand bar and use the right type of sand grain. That's a good solution right there.
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