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Thread: Trunks

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    Seriously what is it about people just shedding rubber the first warm day. Yesterday and again today there were guys surfing without gloves shaking their hands constantly in the 45-48 degree or whatever water. Still...pretty nice with the west winds making it like 80 degrees out right down to the waters edge, and a nice little swell coming in.

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    I wore my 3/2 today in MD and was fine

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    My legs are trunks

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    elephants have trunks too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gfootr View Post
    My buddy forgot his boots on Saturday in NJ. Waves were so fun, he tried wearing gloves - f'n hysterical!

    He looked like the kid from Xmen first class - I think his feet are still cold.
    Gloves on feet? I almost considered the same thing several weeks ago. Left my boots at home but went out anyway. Water temp was 42-43 (VA Beach). Feet got so cold and numb I was having trouble standing up and hobbled out of the water an hour later. I was out this afternoon in my 4/3 and getting hot sitting on my board. Air temp was 85. The water felt good.