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    New Jersey to New York???

    Anyone here make trips to New York for surf?? I've been thinking about heading up there for a mini surf trip one swell when its working better there then here, but I don't wanna have to sell blood to save up enough money for the trip. Is there any cheap way to do it???

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    yeah I live right next to the city so I have the option of going to either LI or Monmouth county beaches within the same drive time. Long Beach is the spot I usually go to. Dude, the tolls are ridiculous. There are only 3 free ways from Manhattan to Brooklyn/Queens and those are not the quickest ways. I think its the midtown tunnel, brooklyn bridge, and some other bridge. Just a warning....none of those ways are quicker than just paying the overpriced tolls across any of the other bridges. Aside from that, expect to pay all the other tolls including parkway, GWB/Lincoln/Holland Tunnels, Bridge to Queens, bay bridge into "private" beaches anywhere on LI. I usually pay about $31 round trip but I know tolls increased recently. Plus if you're coming from the south and take the parkway then you gotta factor that in too. Now the real joke is when a decent swell hits in the summer and you gotta do all this plus pay to get on the beach. I've explained all this to my friends in Cali and they look at me like I have 3 heads. Good luck because NY has some beautiful lefts. If you're a goofy like me and hit it on good offshores it will hold a decent size and peel nicely.

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    it depends where you're driving from. i live in north jersey and make trips to long island almost every weekend to surf (if the wind is north i go there, west i go here). gas isn't that bad for me if that's what you're worried about but if you're going from south jersey it might be a bit much. as far as driving versus train, definitely drive. traffic on the cross bronx can get bad during the week but if you're going on a weekend it will be fine, and having a car makes everything easier.

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    Wow I lived in North Jersey my entire life and thought I was the only one with the option of Ny or Nj. Tolls are definetly a factor when going to Ny, I think round trip from jersey like $28 to Long Beach, to $9 to Monmouth beach area and gas a whole other story. Like anywhere else pick a spot and wait for your swell, and be respectful. There are days that there's no where else I rather be, but on most days I wish I was somewhere else. One other note a lot has changed since Sandy, lots of breaks are different maybe best to stay home.

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    Yeah, definitely stay home. New York sucks. Sandy destroyed all the breaks.