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    Nicaragua or El Salvador?

    i have read quite a few threads (too many at this point) about trips to nicaragua and el Salvador and I am still undecided. looking at trip august 3-10, may very well be going solo.

    it is either:
    1) staying at playa colorado, nicaragua with boat and road trip in the area and up to popoyo. or
    2) las flores, el salvador

    I am a high intermediate surfer, regular foot, with 20 years in the water and a fair amount of surf travel under my belt (CR a couple time, PR many, HI, J-bay, etc). if you have experience with either I would appreciate your insight.

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    I loved El Salvador.

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    Nica has more options, but with that swell window, you have a damn near guaranteed chance to score two world class point breaks in Las Flores and Punta Mango going absolutely ape****. And when they are on.....they are on.

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    Been to Flores. It is sick! I would go there if I had to pick between the two, especially being regular

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    i been to nica twice.. first time was too big, second time was too small.. im feening to check out el salvador one of these days...

    but if you never been to either and cant make up your mind.. nica is mostly lefts, and el salV is mostly right breaking waves.

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    el salvador was great, i went this past summer the week before you plan on going. stayed right at punta roca...had great waves all week. it was a sweet trip

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    looks like it going to be el salvador. i am a fan of right points.....

    for those of you that have been, i have option of los flores, la libertad or a town and country tour of both. opinions on quality of points, crowds and travel experience is welcome.

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    milton delaware
    Las Flores and Punta Mango are both amazing waves. When we were there, crowding was a factor at times, but nothing too bad most of the time, and there were uncrowded times every day.
    If you search the threads, there was one a few weeks ago with a bunch of pictures of the areas waves.
    Never been to Libertad

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    mitchell, found your shots. i'm leaning east, prefer the country vibe.

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    El Salvador, land of right hand point breaks.
    Nicaragua - offshore all, day, almost every day.

    Those are the incentives of each country.