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    firewire alternator review

    whats the general opinion on the firewire alternator? looks like a good board, wondering what
    other people think of it

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    May 2008
    central li, topsail island nc
    had one years ago.. liked it a lot but i like their performance hybrid shapes better for everyday boards.. have a unibrow on the way

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    Mar 2013
    South Carolina
    I use a FireWire Taj Model which is very similar to the Alternator. I like it a lot. If you have never ridden a FireWire before you will notice the difference on your first bottom turn. The boards have a lot of "pop" (I guess thats the word Im looking for) when you lean into a turn.

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    took my alternator out for the first time yesterday in 3-4+ surf; the speed of the board caught me off guard. Once i got used to what you (TIm Bo) call the pop, i fell in love with the board. I made sections i never could, and got some ridiculous snaps and turns while maintaining speed. I feel like the board was meant for me to ride!!! stokeddd