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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead

    This is awesome. Dudes reaction is spot on. Most people would drop one in the shorts. This guy is just psyched.

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    Um.... I think that guy is gonna need a bigger boat....

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    not eating fish.
    The large whites don't care about fish. They are down there eating migratory sharks like the schools of spinners and blacktips you see in the news. They are also eating whales that are wintering over down south, especially the sick and young.

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    Manisses- you called it, that guy's the man, love his reaction, literally can't contain himself at one point. And stinkbug, was wondering what they were feeding on but didn't bother looking it up, so thank you.

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    That is effin nuts!!! I wonder if that guy heard about the dude in NZ that had a white grab his yak! I've had an 18' white swim by my 22' center consol and felt small... If I was in a yak I would have had a heart attack