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    Quote Originally Posted by funkyspec View Post
    I've seen really good longboarders do fin first takeoffs and then spin the board around with their feet during drop or soon after.
    They spin the board to be able to steer after the drop. If you leave the board fin first there is to much drag and you bog down.....Tried it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wave1rider65 View Post
    Please change your NAME!!!!!....please.....To something like The scarecrow......cause he wishes he only had a brain too!
    Yeah, what I wrote about two-strokes is wrong. Having only owned and worked on older ones I didn't realize how good emissions on two-strokes have gotten. But I watched the video and he still flushed water from the engine, which means oil and fuel as well. There's no way around that. Not knocking his Jetsurf... it looks fun, and he clearly put a lot of thought into it, but there's still no way to do everything he did to get it started again without being on land. There really has to be a better way to get air into the engine without the water getting in and forcing the rider to flush all the oil and gas into the water.

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    this is my new signature. congratulations.
    i'm honored man