My 15-year-old polyurethane longboard is taking on water and I'm completely at fault for not fixing it sooner. Sometime last summer I taped over a crack in the rail -- which was about 1 1/2" long with an 1/8" wide x 1/4" long gap in the middle with the rest just a hairline. I didn't fix it when I found it because, well, there was good surf that morning and my other good small wave board was 40 miles away. The crack didn't seem to go through the glass and I used clear packing tape -- which works very well in a pinch -- but then the laziness set in. I re-applied the tape a few sessions later as a precaution and the board sat unridden for most of the winter. Too cold to glass was my excuse.

A new year evidently resets precautionary measures with me because I've taken it out 4 or 5 times sans souci since the end of February and one of those times the tape failed -- most likely in the last session but maybe the one before. I store the board vertically and a day after the latest session I noticed water slowly oozing out through the tape on the rail. I took a razor and enlarged the hole then hung the board horizontally with the crack at the lowest point on the rail, and over 36 hours slightly less than a 1/4 cup of water has dripped out. The dripping has slowed considerably but another two tablespoons have come out since this morning.

The rest of the board is in fairly good shape. There are two minor delam spots on the deck where I pop up but I'm fairly certain they're unrelated to water damage. The stringer is also slightly elevated in spots with small cracks on either side where the deck foam has been compressed, but the cracks aren't breaking through the glass. The rest of the board seems watertight. There's also some yellowing of the foam because it's an older board but there's no uneven discoloration to suggest water damage, but I don't know for sure. It feels heavy now but maybe that's just in my mind.

The last time I surfed it I was out for nearly 4 hours so I don't know how much water got in (crack is 3' from the tail so it's basically submerged the whole time, but it's a tiny crack). I also have no clue how long the discoloration takes to show or how damaging the salt water is to the foam (can't be good). I weighed it now so I'll see if it gets lighter...

But, what's the best way to dry it out? I haven't gone through all the Swaylocks/Internet posts yet but anyone here have this issue? Do I flush it with fresh water first? Throw it in the attic as it gets warmer? Should I drill holes elsewhere to let it breathe? Blow air through it? Suck air out? Maybe cut out the delamination and let it sit for a few weeks?

I had hoped to inject resin under the two delams so I didn't have to rip out foam, match paint and turn it into a frankenboard, but maybe now it's worth opening up the deck and fixing a few issues at once. I've read that PU foam absorbs lots of water yet also read that PU foam doesn't absorb water much beyond the crack. I'd hate to open the deck if I didn't need to. I can do all the work myself but I have zero experience fixing water damaged boards.