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    surf purge part deux

    i'm really working on simplifying things & to that end, am sticking w/ what i know works for me in terms of removable fins...solid fiberglass. these, then, are on the chopping block:

    True Ames CI template, clear:

    VERY lightly used, excellent condition w/ no nicks or scratches. yours, shipped, for $55.

    Soar MF template, yellow:

    Mick Fanning's signature template before he switched to FCS. much narrower tip than the FCS version, very light. Soar is an Australian fin company that is highly regarded for their quality. VERY lightly used w/ no nicks or scratches. yours, shipped, for $65.

    FCS MF-1:

    these had been my go-to fin set before i got on the Soar/solid fiberglass wagon. lightly used, no nicks or scratches. yours, shipped, for $65.

    FCS K2.1 quad rears:

    a great set of rear quad fins for a hp/McKee set up. been my go-to pair, but i'm not riding those types of quads anymore. yours, shipped, for $25.

    FCS PC-3 fronts, red:

    pretty heavily used, but still in excellent shape. these would make an excellent pair of rear fins for a wide tailed simmons-type quad, which is exactly what i used them for. yours, shipped, for $20.

    if you're local & want to pick them up, knock $5 off each price. if you're buying multiple sets, we'll talk pricing.
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