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    High Tide Spots in OBX?

    Obviously VB surfers have been flocking to the OBX for decades but wondering where people are surfing during high tide? I'm jonesing and thinking of day tripping tomorrow.

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    A slice of pizza and a cold beer at Lisa's Pizzeria in Rodanthe. Otherwise, look for packs of cars. i doubt anyone is going to spill the beans on this board.

    Best bet is to walk out to the entrance of the piers and look north/south for a place where the beach juts out a little more than the rest of the beach. That's usually a good indication of a decent spot for shorebreak without the dreaded gully that runs along a lot of the beach in OBX.

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    the entire area is VERY tide sensitive. Charge the shorebreak for a few hours...

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    Bubbuh BBQ is the best place during high tide.