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    Surfside "mysto break"

    I remember reading a while back on about a mysto break that breaks at the end of the Quintana jetty and I think I saw it breaking the other day. The wave looked like it had great form and size but also looked pretty close to some large rocks... Has any one ever surfed this wave or know anything about it? There was a bunch of people out that day but I didn't see anyone surfing the mysto break.

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    I have never been over to the other side of the jetty. Les Freeze would probably know

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    highly double it... how would it be any better than the rest of the area? maybe it's shallow there? or has a sandbar? not sure

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    "The white whale" off the very tip of the jettie on The-Q side.shallow rock reef, jet ski needed. I seen morgan falkner towin in that break for Hurrican Dolly. We have 2 jet skis on the way just for that break. It gets big and hollow for most any South wind swell.

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    Real cool to have such a heavy wave here on the upper Texas coast... I hope I'm there to watch the day they just out those skis! Thank you to everyone who replied.

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    People talk about Mysto break, but I have lived almost two years in Surfside, and I have only seen Mysto really go off a couple times. But its such a freaky wave, if you dont make the line you set, and get to the shoulder after it ramps up and throws you in the abyss, when you come up in a sea of white wash, you might get your 5 o'clock shadow shaved by" jetty rock razors". good luck. You would be better off watching someone make a line on the wave and see how its ridden. I have never ridden it, but most surfers I have talked to on the Upper coast, dont want nothing to do with it.