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    Suit Hood Repair

    What should I do about the hood on my 654...the material is falling apart and some came off the mesh lining beneath it. Hood only.. Thanks.

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    I ripped the neck seam on my rip curl 6/5/4 yesterday. it's 4 years old but in great shape. I'm going to pack it up and ship to Rip Curl for repairs. Not sure what they charge. For my older suits I've use the wetsuit glue from Profile Design in the orange can - fixed leg/arm seams, boots, gloves, but a neck seam is too damn important in 38 degree water.

    Depending on how old your suit is, if the seams are still water tight, doesn't really matter if the lining is loose.
    If you use standard wetsuit repair glue, it might stiffen up the area...

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    Definitely call the manufacturer and explain what's happening. A good company will help you out and at least tell you the best way to fix it. If you haven't abused the suit or if it's a problem they've seen in other suits they may fix it for you.

    I've used the Block Surf brand of neoprene cement before and it worked very well. In addition to smaller seams and tears I covered two large shoulder areas and while the repaired area became stiffer was it wasn't anything that affected paddling or range of motion. You might feel it more in the neck area though...

    The cement doesn't last forever (I think the shoulders lasted 2 years on a spring/fall 4/3 suit) so if the rest of your suit is in good condition you might want to let the manufacturer do it.