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    Sub driver or Dumpster diver

    Hey y'all.

    I am looking for a new surboard, I am mostly riding a 5'10 retro fish, I don't have the exact quotes in mind right now. The board is really good on small mushy days, it flys down the line but it is not very responsive and it's quite hard to do shaper turns. This is why I would to buy a new board that will work well on smaller days's but will als hold up to head high days that is much more responsive than my fish.

    I was thinking of the Mayhem sub driver or the CI dumpster diver. would that be a good choice?

    I am 6" and 180 LBS. I would consider myself as an intermediate surfer, I can get speed, do snaps, cut backs, etc.) i mostly surf mushier wave from double over toe to overhead.

    Thank you guys in advance for your help.


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    I would suggest the Driver since the additional R has to add value to the board.

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    A twin fin retro fish is made for down the line speed (aka pointbreaks). Other than that, search the threads. There are a millions threads on "which board should I get" and "dumpster diver?".

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    Or has any one tested the sub-scorcher from mayhem?

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    I got a sub driver about a month ago and would buy 3 more if I could, its a great board! I've used it from knee high to overhead with out a problem. Super good board!

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    sub-scorcher and the dumpster diver are really similar boards... essentially the same design with minimal differences

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    What would be a good size, I thought 6" for the sub driver would do the job?

    Would you guys think the sub driver would be a better complement to the fish that the scortcher (too similar)?

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    At my local shop they are suggesting me to get this timmy Patterson (Model the Stud in 5"11)
    Do you guys think that would be a good board?


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    Stick with the dumpster diver. Works in everything.

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    i can only speak for the dumpster diver, and i am a big fan. im also 6' and like 185. its the board i ride most. ive had it for three years and am extremely happy with the purchase. i usually end up killing boards that i ride that much, but that thing has held up really well. i find it excels most in waist to chest high surf, but will ride it in knee high (punchy) up to head high and even bigger. once it starts getting real steep you either have to get in early or get your weight on the backfoot to prevent from nosediving the thing. not much rocker to it, but thats the whole point of the board, to be able to surf those standard days. but when its getting steep, im usually riding a standard shortboard anwyay.